7 February 2018

SheBeat & Friends live show

Join SheBeat & Friends Tuesday February 27th
 for live music and lovely times

Join me and some musical pals for a Tuesday evening of live music - free entry but all donations gratefully accepted
(someone has to pay for new strings & tings!)
Upstairs at The Welly on Bennett's Hill - just up from New St Station if you're travelling into Birmingham - Tuesday Feb 27th from 7pm enjoy some acoustic delights from myself, Hannah Brown, Esther Turner, Tehillah Henry and Faye Bagley
If you love new music, come and support some fab local artists and make some like-minded friends while you're at it...
See you there?

10 January 2018

SheBeat Meets Live

Tonight at 7pm (UK time) SheBeat Meets, my little podcast about music makers, goes LIVE for the first time #nobiggie

Actual biggie for real, cos not only do I love meeting songwriters and making radio - live radio is the most fun because anything could happen!

Turn on, tune in (online at https://www.brumradio.com/shows/shebeat-meets/ innit) and hear me chat with singer songwriters from Birmingham and beyond, every Wednesday night as I embark on Season 2 of my little music show... We should have a listen again feature up too - will share the links next time...

I'm hoping to get guests in from all my musical adventures & it will be a chance, for me and you both, to find our new favourite songwriters!

If you'd like to feature on the show drop me a note here or on Twitter/ Facebook... I'll be out & about recruiting at open mics too, so say hi if you see me...

Catch up on Season 1 here https://soundcloud.com/shebeatmeets 

And stay tuned for details of a live SheBeat Meets Social gig coming at the end of February, featuring guests from the show at a venue TBC #watchthisspace

23 November 2017

SheBeat on Tour 2018

Thanks so much to Melbourne for my warm welcome (you can see a short clip of my performance on my Facebook page), I hope I'll get the chance to perform again downunder sooner rather than later!
Travelling gives you so much time to think, I have some good lyrics and experiences to write up over the coming weeks, reflecting on how far I've come in the last 5 years has been super lovely... 2018 I will be looking for more gigs further afield and maybe crowdfund some new recordings and video content... small steps but sure ones, that's what SheBeat is all about!
Stay cool Beat fans ;)