13 April 2018

SheBeat EPK

Short bio:
SheBeat is a singer songwriter with perfect portions of hum-along, toe-tapping acoustic indie pop. Since 2013, two self published EPs have been well-received by fans and are available on Spotify for streaming. This indie artist loves performing live to audiences of all sizes, with plenty of intimate gigs and festival stages under her belt.
"Sassy from the off - we're big fans" BBC Introducing 
"This is good, and I like it" Alan McGee 
"Great songs"​ Billy Butler, BBC Radio Merseyside
"SheBeat has authentic charm which makes her music stand out about the flood of acoustic singer songwriters out there today." My Random Jukebox

2 EPs, SheBeat (2014), and Feels Like (2016), are available on iTunes & Spotify etc.(DITTO Music, SheBeat Records)
Also limited selection of tracks available on www.soundcloud.com/shebeat

Liverpool Soundcity Homecoming Queen

I'm super proud to be performing in my hometown at the most excellent festival Liverpool Soundcity this May... I'm a long time fan and punter of this festi, which with 10 years under its belt, went from free city centre multi-venue event to standalone Docks site supernova headliner big bash!
Back to its roots for 2018, this year's fest is in the much celebrated and regenerated Baltic Triangle and I'm performing in the afternoon on the opening day Saturday May 5th
(which means you'll defo see me pogoing to the DMAs later on!)
You will not regret popping along, such fantastic music and great fun peoples (I've made mates for lyf at this do) and I'll be enjoying a Homecoming Queen drink or three, so do join me!

6 March 2018

Who are you?

I want to know who is following my SheBeat adventures!
If you'd like to step out from the social media shadows and be in my Facebook Group SheBeat Loves You you are very welcome :)
If you'd like to find me in your email inbox, drop me a line at shebeatmusic@gmail.com, but if you ask for my bank account details you'll be disappointed, as I often am when I look in there ;)
Say hello!
While being SheBeat is a good amount of fun, being a solo artist can sometimes be lonesome and it would be grand to hear from folks about potential gigs and festivals thatyou think I could apply for, about songs you think I might look at building in to my small but stylish covers collection, any collaborations I should try and create and anything else on music making matters you want to share with me...
Looking forward to hearing from you!  
As a treat - listen to this old classic Beat tune on my soundcloud page where you can follow me, and don't forget about my new music podcast SheBeat Meets of which Season 2 is currently live every Wednesday on Brum Radio, with Listen Again links every week